Swimming Pools, Pool Features and Waterslide. 

Change the look of your every-daySwimming  pool, by enhance its current appearance with a (Simulated Faux,Artificial,Fake,) Rock Features-Waterfall,Coping Rock Waterslide. 

Perfect Concept With a natural look to enhance the every day swimming pool With A Durability And Natural  Artificial Rock Watefall, Waterslide  Kit 

Diy Rock Watefall Kit (Faux,Simulated,Fake Rock ,Artificial Rock)  Ideal for pool With Coping Rock To have your own Oasis in your back 

PWF-002 New Look Waterfall PWF-002 New Look Waterfall

Price: $1200

PWF-002 New Release 1050x700X850 Rock to suit are extra if wanted

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PWF-003 PoolWaterfall PWF-003 PoolWaterfall

Price: $1800

PWF-003 New Release 2018 Model 1550x900x880

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PWF-004 Large Model New Release PWF-004 Large Model New Release

Price: $2600

PWF-004 Just Release 2018 Model1800x1250x1000 Rock To suit are CR-11&CR-12 Are extra if wanted. Limit Time at old Price

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twin Waterfall twin Waterfall

Price: $3500

Not Available New Model Artificial Rock Pool Waterfall 2600X1400X1350 !00KG

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Waterslide Waterslide

Price: $8000

New Artificial Rock Water Slide

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projecting waterfall(water-Blade) projecting waterfall(water-Blade)

Price: $1650

L1500xW300xh1150 A new pool feature to enhance your swimming pool. (Pool Water-Blade Feature) 600m Blade in (300m,600m,900m,1200m) easy to install

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Cave 002 large Cave 002 large

Price: $5456


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waterfall waterfall

quote on request

Not Available L2600xW1400xH1350 Approx Weight 100 kg

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Cave 004 Cave 004

Price: $2600

(Pool feature and cave) Change the look of your every-day pool,or enhance it's corrent appear with a Cave & Coping Rocks Suitable Coping Rocks CR-011&CR-012. L2000xw1500xH1150 Approx Weight 50 kg Picture displaye

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NEW CR 012 NEW CR 012

Price: $450

New Release 2018 Model 1450Lx500Wx500H

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NEW CR 011 NEW CR 011

Price: $450

New Release 2018 Model 1250Lx45000Wx400H

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New CR-005 New CR-005

Price: $175

New Release 2018 Model 700x450x500

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CR-007 CR-007

Price: $141


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CR-008 CR-008

Price: $165


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pool pump cover pool pump cover

Price: $925

great way of coving your pool fliter1200x 1150 xH1150

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