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Swimming pool Artifical rock Waterfall & New Coping Rocks Models Out Now at Last Year Price.] Prorock Artificial Rock Creations are design special for the Swimming pools,Faux,Fake,Artificial Rock  Waterfalls, Coping Rocks.

Proudly 100% Australian owned and manufactured, Prorock's artificial rock products are made from a unique polyurethane blend of materials.Prorock with it lightweight formations are ultra lightweight,easy to place,and require no special foundation reinforcing.They can be transported in a van or ute,and carried from the van to the landscape site by hand.Prorock is extremely durable and will weather over the years in the same manner as real, 

Swimming Pools waterfalls                                             NEW 2018 Model 

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NEW Articial Rock WaterSlide

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Ponds Easy to landscape & install

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Self Contained Units: lightweight and easy to install

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Prorock lightweight realistic artificial rock 

How often have you heard people say "I wish we'd put it there..." after they've had something new installed. No problem with our amazing range of alternatives to heavy, real rock - simply pick them up and create the look you really want

The amazing real rock texture is ultra light-weight, yet the technology used in Prorock's manufacturing process produces a strong and durable product that will support foot traffic

Thinking of renovating your tired old garden into an oasis you'll want to spend time in? With our diverse and practical range of cost effective alternatives to real garden rocks you can do it yourself. Easy to transport and simple to install, plus the added advantage of being strong and durable means you will be enjoying your creation for years to come.

Backed by more than 12 years manufacturing experience, we are confident you will find something to compliment any area, in Prorock's large range of over 150 amazing replicas of garden rocks, waterfalls, creeks, ponds and more

Manufactured in our Capalaba factory, and made to order, we can deliver anywhere in Australia, with a turnaround time of as little as 7 days. The materials utilised have been tried and tested for over 20 years, delivering an end product that is not only lightweight, but highly durable and weather resistant.

Installation is quick and easy, and can be performed by yourself or a local handyman.

After an initial "breaking in' period your new pond can become a natural looking home for your fish, and a beautiful addition to any garden or court-yard.

Add a waterfall and watch it transform the whole look of your swimming pool. You'll become the envy of your friends as the magical curtain of water tumbles into your pool. If you don't have a pool, you don't have to miss out - we have a range of self-contained waterfalls that bring life to any number of areas, and introduce an element of peace with the soothing, tranquil flow of water.

Our range of rocks offers unlimited possiblities to create the garden you've always wanted, and eliminates the need for heavy machinery. You can even take them with you if you move!

We are confident you will love your Prorock addition, and invite you to browse our gallery and contact us with any queries you may have.

Prorock technology  can be used to construct large,realistic,,and natural looking themes & garden rocks for both interior and exterior locations.Our lightweight rock are designs for areas as diverse as a casino foyer,anatural wildlife habitat,or anaturelbush grotto,,complete with waterfall and hidden lighting. Roof top gardens featuring large artifical rock formations; large waterfalls and creek features are now possible usingour lightweight Prorock features. Huge pinnacle rock which would ,in real life weight  tons,can be located in a building foyer,or even a domestic garden area.

Prorock utilizes our unque impergnated membrane technology to create a strong and long lasting outer surface which support foot traffic if required.

Prorock will resist all weather condition. The freeze/thaw cycle and extremes of desert heat will have no adverse effect on on lightweght rocks .Prorock  are stable in winded conditions.