Rejuvenate your garden with one of our feature ponds.

Promote moss and algae growth to feed fish and attract frogs and lizards.

WP-001 WP-001

Price: $238

L1100xW1050xD280 Approx Weight 7 kg Volume 60 ltr suit waterfalls ( WF-007,WF-014,WF-015)

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WP-003 WP-003

Price: $862

L2400xW1400xD450 Approx Weight 24 KG Volume 380 ltr Suit waterfalls (WF-001,WF-002,WF-009, PWF-001,PWF-002

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WP-005 WP-005

Price: $510

L1600xW1450xD4000 Approx Weight 12 kg Volume 150 ltr Suit waterfalls(WF-001,WF-002,WF-004)

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WP-006 WP-006

Price: $862

L2150xW1500xD430 Approx Weight 20 KG Volume 300 ltr

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WP-007 WP-007

Price: $176

L1000xW750xD300 Approx Weight 4 kg Volume 35 ltr suit waterfall WF-010,WF-011

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FWP-005 FWP-005

Price: $582

L1500xW1200xD430 Approx Weight 15 kg

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FWP-008 FWP-008

Price: $2464


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