Self Contained Units

Fake rock? No one will ever say that your Prorock self-contained waterfall doesn't look real.

The versatility of the self-contained, realistic waterfalls lends itself to any location; be it a small courtyard, a rock garden, or an already established themed garden.

WFP-001 WFP-001

Price: $1496

L1700XW1150XH1600 Approx Weight 25kg Recommended Pump size - 4000ltr per hrs This self contained unit is a Corner unit, supplied without sides. Sides can be added at an additional charge. Pumps are not included with this unit

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WFP-002 WFP-002

Price: $1346


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WFP-003 WFP-003

Price: $1346

L1250xW1220xH1200 Approx weight 24 kg pump 1800 ltr per hrs

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WFP-005 WFP-005

Price: $598

L600xW550xH700 Approx Weight 9kg Pump Size 600lph

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WFP-006 WFP-006

Price: $880

L1020xW950xH1070 Approx Weight 15 kg Rec Pump SIZE 1200 LPH This waterfall is easy to in stall,look good with plant around it.the pump is in the back of the watefall so it is out of sight and easy to get to.

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WFP-008 WFP-008

Price: $1267

L1450xW1200xH900 Approx Weight 24 KG Rec Pump size 1500-2500 LPH Please note that this self contained unit comes in 2 pieces

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WFP-009 WFP-009

Price: $988

L1280xW1220xH900 Approx Weight 18 kg Rec Pump SIZE 1500 LPH

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